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Teachers:  Heather, Gina, Rendi, Brittany, Brynn, Sophia, Danielle R , Miss Jessie, Mr Bill, Miss Sarah
Student teachers and The Dance Shop employees: Miss Jessie, Miss Amber and Miss Claudia

I started ballet training at the age of 8, studying and completing the Cecchetti Elementary Major syllabus at Black Mountain Dance Theatre in San Diego. In California I danced the role of party child in the Nutcracker with the San Francisco Ballet and I attended the Cecchetti Summer Workshop, Santa Clara in 1991. I then moved to Washington where I studied with Peninsula Dance Theatre and later with MK Ballet under Michiko Schulbach. I have attended Summer Dance Lab, Walla Walla in 1992 and 1993; Royal Winnepeg Summer Program, Canada in 1994; and Joffery Summer School, New York in 1995. I danced such roles as Claire, Rose Fairy and Snow Queen in Nutcracker: Cinderella in Cinderella; Odile in Swan Lake; and performed as a guest artist in Olympic Ballet Theatre's Choreography Showcase at the Morre Theatre. I've been teaching at The Dance Studio since 1999. To Top

MIss Gina

Started dance lessons at the age of 6 in Erie, Pa. I danced ballet, tap, jazz, modern, ballroom and adagio. I studied performing arts at Western Kentucky University. Completed dance Educators of America training courses for dance teachers at WKU, Kentucky and in New York, NY. Instructors included: Gus Giordano, Charles Kelley, Skip Randall, Joseph Levinoff and Lousie Goichot. I started teaching dance at the age of 19, performed in the Bellingham Theatre Guild's "Stepping Out" and performed in Western Washington University's "A Chorus Line". I began teaching tap, ballet, adult tap and jazz at The Dance Studio in 2001. To Top

Miss Rendi

Hi my name is Rendi, I have been dancing for the past 23 years starting at the age of 3 at Wendy Setter Dance studio. This is my 5th year teaching at the studio and I've loved every minute of it. I have dance training in Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Pointe and Lyrical. Ive had the opportunity to tour with The Dance studio to Australia, Danced/Cheered for 2 semi-pro sport teams, and was also apart of the Squalicum High school dance team for 3 years. I am currently pursuing a career in the medical field but still pursuing my true passion which is teaching dance. I hope to be a inspiration and instill my knowledge of dance to all my students to be the best they can be. 

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Miss Brittany

I was lucky enough to have been raised at The Dance Studio and studied ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, lyrical and hip hop under many amazing teachers throughout my 23 years of dancing. I was a part of a dance group, the Jr. Hoofers, and competed and traveled internationally. While being involved in the dance studio I worked hard to keep my 4.5 grade level in highschool and was also a cheerleader for 3 years and a captain for 2. I attended college at the University of Washington and graduated with a Sociology degree with an emphasis in Law, Society and Social Policy. During my college years I continued dancing with West Lake Dance Center, Spectrum, and UW courses. Dancing and performing with the UW Huskies dance team and teaching at the Stanwood School of Dance. After graduation, I began working downtown Seattle in the corporate world and taught tap classes during my nights at the American Dance Institute. Dance has taken me around the world, including Australia, Japan, and my last adventure, teaching English and Hip Hop/Jazz for the last year in South Korea. I am so excited to return to my roots in Bellingham and be able to spark a love for dance in students throughout the community. The Dance Studio was my beginning for a life full of excitement, adventure and above all DANCE! I am thrilled to be able to carry on the legacy for future dancers! To Top


Miss Brynn

Both of my parents are professional musicians, so music was always in my life. I began playing piano when I was young, and when I was 7 I started taking dance lessons. I took dance at Isabelle’s Dance Time in Spokane Washington, and took from Isabelle Cook and Joe Hofer. At Isabelle’s Dance Time, I took Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Lyrical, Partnering, and Modern and was a member of the Dance Time Theater Company for 4 years. This company was a part of the studio, and within it I was able to choreograph for the other dancers in the company. I was also able to assist the teachers in classes, which gave me experience being the teacher. I have taken workshop classes at the American College Dance Festival, Inland Northwest Dance Association, and Dance fest. With instructors such as Mary Heller, Denar Young, Katherine Krammer, and Daryl Thomas, from companies such as Pilobolus, Rhythm Explosion, Alvin Ailey, Momix, and Broadway. As a sophomore, I had the privilege of having a piece of my choreography viewed, and adjudicated by Christopher Morgan from New York, who worked with me to enhance my choreography. After graduation, I joined the company Phase Collaborative Dance project, run by Joe Hofer, giving me experience working with a dance company of professional and non professional dancers in Spokane.
I am currently attending Western Washington University, working towards my BFA in Dance, where I have performed both faculty and student works. This year, the Liz Geering dance company from New York did a residency at Western and placed a piece of their work on Western Dancers. I was chosen, with a small group of others for the opportunity to work one on one with the dancers, rehearsal director, and company owner herself-Liz Geering, to recreate one of their works, “She Dreams in Code.” This piece will be performed April 2013.
            It is my dream to be a professional dancer in New York, however, one of my other loves is teaching. I love the thrill of watching and helping students grow and develop as artists. My theory for teaching is that the job of a teacher is to inspire students to thrive to be better, and if a student is inspired and guided through kindness and openness, then the teacher has made a difference.

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Miss Sophia

I have been dancing since I was five and was in my first Nutcracker when I was 14. I am in my fourth year at WWU studying to be an elementary teacher. I am so happy to be part of the Dance Studio family!   


Miss Sarah

I have been teaching Musical Theatre classes along with dance classes since 2006 in Montana. I have been apart of various MCT and other community shows in Missoula Montana, as well as producing, directing, music directing and choreographing my own cabaret show! To become a certified teacher I took a three year instructor training program with On Center Performing Arts. The curriculum consisted of learning all ballet terminology, the history of dance and performance, anatomy of the body, how to structure different classes and the fundamentals of choreography. I am happy to be part of The Dance Studio teaching many different styles of dance! I have found a friendly dance studio filled with people who want to learn!